a baseball game rendered in closed captioning

We have some guys really going tonight.

>> Good hitter.  Breaking ball.


>>He’ll go to third he is out.

That’s a clinical out.

Even if you don’t win games you still have to throw some leather

We have a man on second and nobody out.

>> And nobody out.

They have as you mentioned injuries on the field.

>> I hear you.


I have no doubt about it.

Gone in three pitches.

Seems like they have phoned it in.

Moves are going to be made in the off season.

You win the at-bat, you win the competition – you win the ballgame.

>> You are not paid to be comfortable.

That ball leaves just leaves.

Right over the top.

When you have that kind of mojo –

Is he coming curveball here?

Struck him out looking, swinging and swinging.

Popped it up. Playable.

That was a major league popup there.

Put your nose under it and be ready to catch.

What has gone right?

>> Everything.

Look at that. That ball was stung.

It’s out there it’s gone!

Takes it out of the yard!

It took them all season to get religion.

>> Now we have some soccer to talk about.




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