A writer is, in large measure, a witness, and one becomes a writer in part by seeing, and seeing the fact that one sees. You record and know yourself to be recording, and, thus, are doubled: a witness to the world and a witness to one’s own self equally, witness and recorder at once, until you learn to slide back and forth from the world’s perception of the self to the self’s perception of the self without preferring one to the other. A writer is that peculiar kind of introvert who needs to be alone and has a lot to say at the same time.

A recent radio interview on our beloved community station, KBOO:




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“The Buffet,” an essay in What’s Wrong With Mindfulness (And What Isn’t), edited by Robert Rosenbaum and Barry Magid (Simon and Schuster, Oct. 2016)

Violation: Collected Essayspublished April 1 by Hawthorne Books; you can buy online from Powell’s: http://www.powells.com



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