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“Mere Belief,” Harper’s, November, 2023

What does it mean to remember our past, to write about our past, when we can’t truly remember anything at all?




This is a link to an interview I did before we weren’t allowed to sit in a small room with a stranger. It’s part of an excellent series called “Places to Be,” interviews on many topics hosted by Ty McDonald as he drove through the Pacific Northwest. You can also listen on Spotify, Deezer, and Public Radio.





Advice for Future Corpses Cover

Advice for Future Corpses, published by Touchstone Books in June of 2018.

New York Times Top Books of 2018: “In its loving, fierce specificity, this book on how to die is also a blessedly saccharine-free guide for how to live.”


I talked about my new book with the artist and writer Bernard Cooper on October 19:


A recent interview with Chris Voss, who love books of all kinds:


A recent interview with James Shaheen, editor of Tricycle, in which Buddhism finally meets Survivor:


My current recommendation for “the best books on the existential crisis of looking in a mirror”


A recent interview with two hospice chaplains about being with the dying:



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