Violation: Collected Essays (Hawthorne Books, Portland, 2016)

“A fascinating look at the epic wanderings of a life mapped by curiosity” – Charles D’Ambrosio

“One of the most companionable and inquisitive voices in American nonfiction” – Bernard Cooper

“I will go anywhere she wants to take me.” – Karen Karbo




ST_theWayWomen of the Way: Discovering 2500 Years of Buddhist Wisdom (HarperCollins, San Francisco, 2006)
“Scholarly, warm, and magnetically well-written.” – Jane Hirshfield

ST_tastedThe Best Thing I Ever Tasted: The Secret of Food (Riverhead Books, NY, 2000)
“Tisdale’s forte lies in helping readers to see the big picture, in which she ties together history, folklore, personal anecdote and sharp analysis to show that we truly are what we eat.” – Publisher’s Weekly

ST_Talk_dirtyNew Edition released in fall of 2013!
Talk Dirty to Me: An Intimate Philosophy of Sex (Doubleday, NY, 1994)
“A beautiful book” – Library Journal

ST-SteppingStepping Westward: The Long Search for Home in the Pacific Northwest (Henry Holt, NY, 1992)
“An odd and lovely work” – Kirkus Reviews

ST_lotsLot’s Wife: Salt and the Human Condition (Henry Holt, NY, 1988)
“A rare book about a common subject” – Richard Selzer

ST_harvest_newHarvest Moon: Portrait of a Nursing Home (Henry Holt, NY, 1987)
“A rare combination of candor, compassion and deft art. I recommend this book to anyone seriously intending to grow old.” – Josh Greenfield

SR_apprenticeThe Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Medical Miracles and Other Disasters (McGraw-Hill, NY, 1986)
“Thought-provoking and often controversial.” – Library Journal